EARLY DETECTION ALLOWS FOR EARLY INTERVENTION:   Regular massage allows for early detection of health problems.  Through touch and observation, I am able feel changes that have occurred in the skin and hair, identify health problems that may be developing and notice behavioral changes that you will report back to your veterinarian.

  • Seniors need special attention to maintain their mobility and lifestyle (for more inf, go to:  Massage, ReikiCanine Aquatics)
  • Overweight pets:  Swimming is an excellent exercise as it provides a non-weight bearing activity that avoids all the stresses and      strains of exercising on hard ground (read more:  Canine Aquatics)
  • For post-operative dogs,
    -     Massage can help with breakdown of scar tissue;
    -     Reiki can assist with pain management and emotional issues;
    -     Swimming removes the weight loading on the injured limb and will enable the gradual rebuilding of wasted muscle; it reduces the pain and can accelerate recovery after surgery
  • A new puppy and/or recently adopted pet that suffers from stress and anxiety (read more:  Massage, Reiki, Canine Aquatics)
  • A perfectly healthy, well balanced pet will enjoy an elevated quality of life through the benefits of all or a combination of holistic sessions (read more:  Massage, Reiki, Canine Aquatics).
  • With my holistic approach, I tailor each session to meet the individual needs of your pet.  Your pet can benefit from these holistic approaches in the same way you do. The difference is that they are unable to tell us where they hurt, what area needs work, or how they feel. 


When working with your pet, I require a detailed history of your pet.  If your pet is under veterinary care for a current medical condition, taking pain or anti-inflamatory meds, I require your vet's approval.  (Vet Approval Form)  My first concern is always the health and safety of your pet.

Watching your pet move and their reactions to my touch, provides valuable information as to what areas of their body may need special attention.  

Kieran getting a little stretch after a long day playing

Kieran getting a little stretch after a long day playing

A massage session usually averages 30-60 minutes.  The amount of time depends on your pet's condition, attention span, and the amount and type of work that needs to be done.  If I and massage are "new" to your pet, I usually will begin with Reiki to calm and relax your pet.