Canine Swimming rates: 

Ever wonder if your dog would enjoy swimming?

By the end of their first swim, you will know.  During your dog's first swim, I perform an "Assessment Swim" to determine which category of swimming your dog would best fit into.  This Assessment Swim involves: letting your dog run/sniff/explore the pool area; review of paperwork; q&a; light massage in order for your dog to get to know my touch; and offer Reiki.

This Assessment is approximately 45-minutes to 1 hour.
 (All subsequent swim appointments are 30 minutes.) 
See categories of care and rates below.

Assessment Swim:  $125.  
If you purchase a swim package of 5, the assessment fee is discounted to $50
If you purchase a swim package of 10, this assessment fee is waived.

Swimming is divided into 4 categories of care and all swim sessions are 30 minutes (swim time is dependent on the age, health and condition of your canine).  Your dog may start out with short swims, but as stamina and heart health improve, the swims can get longer.  Please complete all forms at bottom of this page. 

1.  Injury Recovery: This swim is appropriate for our senior, arthritic, overweight, pre/post-surgical dogs.  This category will require your vet's written approval - no exceptions.  Get Veterinary Approval Form here

Individual/Single Swim:  $85
5 swim package:    $80 = $400 (save $25)
10 swim package:  $75 = $750 (save $100)

2.  Swim Your Non-Confident Dog:    Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can swim instinctively, or even enjoy it.  I work with your dog to build their confidence, helping them get over their fear of the water, and have fun doing it! 

Individual/Single Swim:  $70
5 swim package:    $65 = $325 (save $25)
10 swim package:  $60 = $600 (save $100)

3.  Swim Fit:  This category is for overall fun, fitness & Exercise.  It is for the dog who has learned to swim and loves it - but still needs assistance.

Individual/Single Swim:  $60
5 swim package:    $55 = $275 (save $25)
10 swim package:  $50 = $500 (save $100

4. Recreational Swims:   This category is for overall fun, fitness & exercise.  It is for the dog who already has deep water swim experience or started in one of the above categories, but has no longer needs to assistance with swims.  The dogs in this category have no medical issues.

Individual/Single Swim:  $35
Package of 4:  $100 ($25 per swim) (you save $40)

Additional Service:  SWIM AT HOME:   I will travel to your home and work with you and your dog in your own pool:
Initial Home Visit/One Hour Swim:  $150* (prepayment required)
Add $50 for each 30 minutes thereafter
Repeat home visits:  $100 for 1 hour
*Outside the South Bay:  a surcharge of $5 is applied for every 5 miles traveled door-to-door (each way).

Discount given for additional dog.
Swim Package Expiration Dates:
 5 swim package:  expires 3 months from date of purchase
10 swim package:  expires 5 months from date of purchas

Each animal is different and each swim is tailored to meet the individual needs of your pet.  Call Jean at 310.370.9241 to discuss.   
1.  I require 24-hour cancellation notice or you will be charged for the swim session.
2.  All swim sessions start on the hour and half hour.  I honor and respect all of my clients' time.  Therefore, if you are late for your swim session, I can not "carry over" your swim time into another client's scheduled appointment.  In other words, if you are fifteen minutes late, your dog will not get their full swim session time.


To read about the benefits of warm water swimming click here

Please note:  If your dog is under vet's care for a current medical condition, written approval required and must be received prior to first meeting.  (Veterinary Approval Form).   Please call Jean at 310.370.9241 with your questions.

Veterinary Approval Form
New Client Intake Form

Animal Massage:*

The benefits of animal massage mirrors the benefits we receive. 

All pets will benefit from massage:  senior, arthritic, service dogs, performance dogs, pets recently recovering from surgery, read on.  

For pets seeing a veterinarian for a current medical condition, vet approval required.  Veterinary Approval Form.

Animal Massage rates:

  • 30 minutes=  $65
  • 60 minutes = $110
Initial/first visit = $110 (60 minutes)
  • Introduction
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • Suggested course of action

*Outside the South Bay, a surcharge of $5 is applied for every 5 miles traveled door-to-door (each way).

For additional information, please contact Jean at 310.370.9241 or

Buy 10 massages and the 11th one is free. 

Animal Reiki: *

Reiki is ideal for animals because it is gentle, noninvasive and doesn't require physical contact.  Reiki treats the whole animal including its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels simultaneously.  Reiki does not cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields powerful results.   (READ MORE)

Reiki rates: 

  • 30 minutes = $65
  • 60 minutes = $110

*Outside the South Bay, a surcharge of $5 is applied for every 5 miles travelled door-to-door (each way).

Since Reiki is an energy, everyone in room will benefit from a Reiki session.  

Buy 10 Reiki sessions and the 11th one is free.