Mojito, 8 year old Dachshund

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Mojito is my 8 year old doxie. Four years ago he suffered a herniated disc in the middle of his back. Sadly, although he had surgery, he lost use of his hind legs and also lost control of his bladder and bowel. As you can imagine, for a young active dog this was a devastating situation.

 We tried a cart, but were warned that it could put more pressure on other discs and we opted not to use it. However, as the months went on he began to regain some use of his hind legs. He got a lot of physical therapy with range of motion exercises to keep him supple. He became something called a "spinal or "reflex walker". He still can't feel his legs but he can move them to do a kind of funny walk and a bunny hop run.

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Barley, Handsome and Loveable Pit/Boxer Mix

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Barley came into our lives in 2010 when he was 3 months old from a local dog rescue.  He is now 5 years old, happy and healthy. 

Barley spent the first three months of his life in a crate and was “flat-footed.”  He has a congenital cervical malformation that results in a “hopping gait” off his front legs.  He’s very cute, but it must take a toll on his shoulders. 

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Akuhata and Kotiro

We asked mum to write a "Thank You" to you for the fun we had in your large swimming pool, chasing toys and breaking some (sorry).  Mum believes the swimming helps my sprained knees* (Akuhata, pit bull), and even though mum signed us up to swim only, you still gave us Reiki and massages. 

Thank you,  Jean.



Kotiro (terrier mix) is a strong swimmer and wishes she could swim every day.  She loves dock diving. 

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U-mi, French Bull Dog

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Hi!  My name is U-mi (for you & me).  I am an extremely adorable, very strong-minded 1 year old French Bull Dog.  I love to play, eat and sleep.  I am very friendly and my mom spoils me (I love it)!  Do I have a bad habit?  Well, maybe just one …. I’m too rough with my toys (they don’t last very long).  I can also be stubborn at times.  Actually, I call it “being smart” because if I don't do it right away, my mommy gives me a treat.

U-mi's first swim ..... does she look scared or what? 

U-mi's first swim ..... does she look scared or what? 

My absolute favorite activity is swimming with Jean!  I’ll admit, my first time in the pool, I was very scared (see my pic).  But by the end of my first swim lesson, I became a pro.  (Jean tells me I’m a natural and I should compete in the doggie Olympics.)  I just love it!  I get a great work-out swimming.  I just don’t know when to stop!  But Jean is always there to monitor my swimming and she makes sure I take breaks to rest. 


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Dagen, Great Dane

Dagen 1.jpg
Pistol 1.jpg

Dagen is a very handsome, 130 lb., 4 year old Great Dane … who does not know how to relax.  Dagen is always on the move … and is always looking for reassurance from his pet parents (Mandy & Steve) that he is loved.  Dagen is definitely a gentle giant … kind and loveable … just a bit high-strung.

Not too much is known about Dagen’s  first home or how he was treated.
Dagen was adopted 3 years ago into the loving care of Mandy and Steve,
who also have another Great Dane, Pistol (10 years old).  Pistol is as sweet
and loving a dog as you would ever want to meet. 

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Sedona of Shoestring City Ranch

Sedona 1.jpg

Sedona, a beautiful, sweet and unhealthy 22 year old Quarter horse mare, was recently acquired by Karen Thompson of Shoestring City Ranch. 

A little about Sedona’s history:  Sedona was left out in the pasture for majority of her life; at some point was sold to a family, then after a time, sold to another family where they did not keep a regular hoof-trimming schedule. 

Sedona’s hoof trimmings were left neglected too long, and combined with improper nutrition, have left her with hoof and leg problems.  Shoestring is in process of bringing her back to good health by addressing her nutritional needs and hoof-trimmings. 

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Marlene 1.jpg

Marlene, a very sweet, beautiful but insecure and hyper Bordeaux.  Nothing is known about Marlene’s past history as she was adopted recently by Julie.  We can tell that she is very attached to her new family, that she loves people and other dogs. 

 I was asked to give Marlene a massage.  However, as I began, she was so anxious and hyperactive, it was impossible for me to touch her to give her a massage.  So, I decided to offer Marlene Reiki first.  (I do this many times when the animal is anxious and I’m unable to touch them.)

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Purple Slurple ("Purple") of Shoestring City Ranch Horse Rescue

Purple 4.jpg

By way of introduction, I was introduced to Karen Thompson, Founder of Shoestring City Ranch* through a friend, Nancy Gardner, Pet Communicator.  I spoke with Karen about Reiki’s healing energy and asked if I could offer Reiki to her rescued horses. (See my blog article on Shoestring City Ranch.)

As the horses at Shoestring City Ranch have never received Reiki before, I have been taking it slow and offering Reiki, not individually, but just sending the Reiki energy out to all the horses (and volunteers) at the Ranch.

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Kieran jumping 1.jpg

Kieran is a 6-year-old Welsh Terrier born on New Year’s Day.  He enjoys participating in Dog Agility, Earth Dog trials, and just about any activity in which he can run his fastest and jump his highest.  This 20-lb. terrier is not shy.  In recent years, he has helped introduce his breed in the AKC “Meet the Breeds” booth at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Last September, he was featured on Torrance Citi-Cable 3’s TV show “K9 Corner,” performing some of his awesome tricks.  At the end of the day, Kieran is always up for a good massage!

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Missy is a spunky Scottish Terrier.  She will be 11 years old this July and still acts like a puppy!  Scotties are very independent, with a stubborn streak.  They tend to love everyone they come in contact with, especially children.  Missy loves water, unlike many terriers.  The first time Missy saw my nephews in their pool, she made a perfect swan dive into the water ….. she loves it.  She even looks forward bath time.  

A quote from her pet parent:  Missy has brought more joy to my life than imaginable every second that she has been with me.  I hope to have her around for a long, long time.

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DSC00512 (1).JPG

Meet Diego, a very handsome 16 year old Paso Fino.  His Dad David tells me that he found Diego 6 years ago at a horse auction in Bakersfield.  After adopting Diego and getting him home, it was obvious to David that Diego had been mistreated.  With love and care, Diego learned to trust David.  When Diego is out running around the paddock, he only comes to David and will do anything David asks him to do.  Diego has a good heart and there is not a mean bone in his body.  Still, if Diego hears someone yelling, he gets terrified.  He is also nervous around strangers.

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Sori - rug.jpg

Sorrel, nickname Sori, is an absolutely gorgeous five-year old brown spotted Tabby Bengal.  She is beautiful, and small at eight pounds, but don't let her size fool you -- this girl is all business!  Athletic and playful, she enjoys a variety of activities.  Sori retrieves throw toys and will run the length of the house several times, shooting through the cat door on the front porch and landing on the bed in the back bedroom.  Sori is an expert climber, avid explorer and likes to be up high on top of her parents ceiling-high bookcases, cabinets and armoire.  From her window box outpost in the kitchen she supervises cooking and clean up taking particular interest in chores that involve water.  Sori is very sweet, affectionate and lots of fun.

Sori’s Massage:  Since this was Sori’s first massage, I started with Reiki (which lasted about 30 minutes.)* 

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