Massage is ideal for dogs at every stage of their lives … so why not “Learn to Give Your Dog a Relaxation Massage” . . . .

You will learn basic massage techniques that are safe and effective.  This class is hands on -- you bring your dog to class

Two types of classes available: 

1.  Seniors (because our seniors have different needs)

2.  Non Seniors (for younger, more active dogs)



Each workshop is approximately 90 minutes - 2 hours

Each workshop includes:A hands-on class: you bring your dog

  • A hands-on class:  you bring your dog and learn to massage your own dog
  • You receive an e-book of what you learn in class
  • Mandatory Pre-Class Reading Assignments are required
  • Classes are small (limit 10 people/pets) so you get individual attention
  • You will learn hand positions to give your dog a "full body" relaxation massage
  • Vet approval is required for all senior dogs and those dogs under your vet's care; discuss with Jean)*

For all senior dogs or dogs under vet's care, you must receive your written vet approval:

  • You must get your vet's approval in writing (Vet Approval Form)
  • Signed forms must be received by me 4 days before class
  • Without vet approval, you will not be allowed to participate in class


Preparation for class day:

  • Your dog must be people and dog friendly (time will be set aside before class for dogs to socialize)
  • Do not feed your dog for at least four hours before the class
  • Potty your dog.   If he/she is having problems with bowel movements, let me know
  • Walk or play with your pet for at least 15 minutes before your arrive.  This helps with your dog's energy level and concentration in class
  • I must receive completed forms (emailed to you upon registration) in order for you to participate in class

Petting you dog is great; massage is so much more:

Jean and Jake
  • Becoming aware of & finding abnormalities early on
  • Making vet visits go much smoother
  • Calming both you and your pet
  • Giving you bonding time with your pet

Canine massage can also be used on cats … it all depends on your cat … some love it, some don’t.  With your cat, go slowly.  Over time, they may welcome the time you spend giving them a massage.

Your dog must not be under a vet's care for a current medical condition to take this class.  Vet approval may be required.
Please call Jean to discuss:  310-370-9241

Independent class instruction - If you prefer the time devoted just to you and your pet :

Massage Your Dog
  • Added benefit of one-on-one training
  • Get hands-on experience learning to massage your own dog
  • All people/pets must be people/pet friendly
  • Walk away with an e-book manual
  • Fee:  $225
  • Call Jean to set up date/time (310.370.9241)

Benefits of a Relaxation Massage

  • What to Expect During Your Dog's First Massage
  • How to Prepare Your Dog for His/Her First Massage
  • Preparing Yourself:  Steps You Take
  • Is Your Pet Resisting?
  • Teach Your Fingertips to Know Your Pet
  • Important Reminders


See attached list.  If your pet has any of these conditions, you should discuss with your vet before taking class.  Please call me to discuss further.

Reiki may replace massage when any contraindications are present.

Please Note:  This class is not designed to turn you into a “certified small animal massage therapist.”   It is designed solely for your fun and bonding with your pet -- and to help you become more aware of your pet’s body, their emotional and physical needs.  You are your pet’s first and best defense against illness.