Animals benefit from massage in the same way we do.

Who doesn't love a good massage?

Even your pet companion deserves a relaxing spa treatment from time to time.  The difference is that they are unable to tell us where they hurt, what area needs work or how the massage feels.  We’ve seen highly energetic dogs unwind, let their eyes drift shut and walk away feeling mellow and relaxed.  We play soft music and allow the dogs to rest peacefully on a comfy bed while we massage their muscles.  What a great way to end a day of heavy playing!

Watching an animal move and the way they respond to my touch provides me with valuable information as to what areas of an animal’s body may need special attention.  Your pet always gives “cues” as to what they like and don’t like.  I always honor and respect your pet’s responses.

The benefits of therapeutic massage for our pets mirrors the benefits we receive:

  • Improve circulation
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve respiration
  • Improve relaxation and sleep
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility
  • Increase the amount of nutrients to the muscles
  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduction in muscle knots and spasms
  • Eliminates waste and toxins within the body
  • General physical and psychological well-being

Some reasons where massage may be indicated for your pet:   

  • Elder pets - massage can help slow down the aging process by maintaining the flexibility of joints and soft tissues
  • Chronic Musculoskeletal Problems
  • Compensatory Gait Adaptations
  • Post Surgical - If exercise is restricted, massage can help maintain muscle tone and condition
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Competitive Dogs
  • Working Dogs
  • Athlete

In addition, a massage for your pet companion can:

  • Improve quality of their coat and fur due to expression of natural oils
  • Decrease boredom as well as the stagnation of the lymphatic system after surgery or      hen cage restriction is required

Massage effects all the systems of the body:

  • The lymphatic system is stimulated and the body’s ability to cleanse is enhanced
  • The quality of the coat and fur are improved due to expression of natural oils
  • The skin becomes more elastic and toned
  • Respiration is improved and the oxygen level in the body is increased
  • Muscles are relaxed and toned; trigger points, knots and spasms are loosened
  • The nervous system is stimulated or sedated through massage
  • Proprioception, or patterns of movement and muscle memory, are enhanced
  • Digestion is improved
  • Pain is blocked
  • Circulation is improved which facilitates the flow of nutrients and the removal of toxins
  • Behavioral changes occur through stimulating or soothing the nervous system

An animal massage usually  averages 30-60 minutes.  The amount of time the massage takes will depend on your pet companion’s condition, attention span, and the amount of work that needs to be done.  Also, if I and massage are "new" to your pet, I may begin with 15-minutes of Reiki just to calm your pet. 


Regular massage allows for early detection of health problems.  Through touch and observation, I am able feel changes that have occurred in the skin and hair, identify health problems that may be developing and notice behavioral changes.