Classes now forming for Reiki 1 in July, 2016:
July 10, 17, 24, 31:  3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
(see below for Course Outline and Price; contact Jean for location and further information)

What is Reiki?

“Reiki” (ray-key) is a simple, yet powerful relaxation and stress management technique.  It is Japanese in origin, founded in the early 1900s by Mikao Usui. 

“Rei” means spirit and “ki” means energy, which translates as as “universal life energy.”  Since all things are made up of energy, all things consist of Reiki. 

A Reiki session can help "unblock" and let your energy flow uninterrupted.  Most people feel "refreshed" and "balanced" after Reiki.

Optimally, we want the energy within our body to "move freely."  When it does not, you may experience a "blockage" (clogging up or stoppage) of energy flow.  (This blockage may manifest itself as stress, headache, pain, etc.)

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Promotes health and well-being
  • Relieves or decreases physical pain
  • Calms the mind and emotions
  • Reduces and releases feelings of anxiety, stress and depression
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Aids in relaxation
  • Can help you sleep



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Reiki is not a substitute for proper medical care.  However, Reiki is offered in over 800 American hospitals and works as a complimentary practice to help patients relax before or after a rehabilitation treatment.

Want to learn Reiki?
Reiki 1:  Learn the Art of Self-Healing

  • Power of Intention
  • How to carry out self-treatment – Practical
  • Hand Placements
  • Practice Reiki (Giving/Receiving Reiki)
  • Monthly Reiki Shares for continuing studies & practice
  • Reiki History & Origins
  • Five main elements that make up the system of Reiki
  • Reiki Precepts
  • Three Diamonds & Hara
  • Practical Exercises

Workshop Information:  

Reiki 1 is a 9 hour workshop ($250):

  • Class is weekly over a 3 weeks
  • 3 hours per class
  • at-home practice is expected
  • review of homework and additional training
  • add-on for Animal Reiki (see below)
  • Classes forming now for May; contact Jean (310) 938-8418 for dates and locations

Course Outline for Reiki 1:  Self-Healing

  • Reiki Precepts
  • Three Diamonds and the Hara
  • Practical Exercises
  • Power of intention
  • How to carry out self-treatment – Practical
  • How to treat animals– Practical
  • Hand Placements
  • Practice Reiki Treatments (Giving/Receiving)
  • What Reiki is and how it works
  • History and Origins of Reiki
  • The five main elements that make up the system of Reiki:
    1.     Developing Spiritual & Mental Focus
    2.    Techniques and Meditations
    3.    Hands-on Healing
    4.    Four Mantras and Symbols
    5.    Reiju/Attunements (blessings)

Reiki for Your Pets:*
Why is Reiki ideal for Animals?

  • Pain
  • Side effects of medication
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • End of life transitioning

Reiki is safe, gentle, stress-free.  Due to its noninvasive, painless nature, Reiki is a natural healing method for our pet companions and can be used to assist them with many issues:

*This is an "add-on" and you must have completed Reiki 1 to participate in this class.  You will bring your dog to this class only. 
Please note:  Reiki is not a substitute for proper veterinary care.

  • Abandonment
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Distrust
  • Grief
  • Injury

Course Outline : Reiki for Animals*

  • Hand Placements
  • Animal Chakras
  • Reactions
  • And more
  • Personal Preparation
  • Animal Preparation
  • How to Gain Trust & Permission of Your Pet
  • Benefits

*This is an "add-on" and you must have completed Reiki 1 to participate in this class.  It is an additional $150 and lasts approximately 2 hours.  You bring your dog to this class.  If you are treating a different animals, other arrangements can be made.  Call Jean at (310) 938-8418 to reserve your spot. 

There are many variations and lineages of Reiki, but, in essence, Reiki treatments can help the body emotionally and/or spiritually.  It is a tradition that is open to any belief system.