Pet of the Month: January 2013 Winner: Sori

Sori - rug.jpg

Sorrel, nickname Sori, is an absolutely gorgeous five-year old brown spotted Tabby Bengal.  She is beautiful, and small at eight pounds, but don't let her size fool you -- this girl is all business!  Athletic and playful, she enjoys a variety of activities.  Sori retrieves throw toys and will run the length of the house several times, shooting through the cat door on the front porch and landing on the bed in the back bedroom.  Sori is an expert climber, avid explorer and likes to be up high on top of her parents ceiling-high bookcases, cabinets and armoire.  From her window box outpost in the kitchen she supervises cooking and clean up taking particular interest in chores that involve water.  Sori is very sweet, affectionate and lots of fun.

Sori’s Massage:  Since this was Sori’s first massage, I started with Reiki (which lasted about 30 minutes.)* 

Sori - bookcase.jpg

Sori’s Massage:  Since this was Sori’s first massage, I started with Reiki.*  Sori was a fabulous massage client!  She first moved around my chair, jumped into my lap, and allowed me to touch her, giving her a light massage, which included massaging her ears, neck, legs, paws, and tail.  When Sori was done, she jumped down and left the room.  Sori was great!  And that the thing I enjoy, I always fall in love with the animals I work with. 

Sori - Kitchen.jpg

*When I work with a new animal, starting a session with Reiki may help them to relax and realize that I am there to help.  I always approach an animal slowly and respect their space.  I never force myself on an animal.  (Read more about Reiki)

P.S.  Sori’s mom was present in the room when I started Reiki.  She told me afterwards that she felt refreshed and that her headache was gone.  (I was not aware of her headache.)  For more info on Reiki for You and Your Pet, please go here