Acupuncture & Swimming Help Beagle with IVDD to Walk Again!

Snoopy taking break in pool

Snoopy, named by his foster mom (Maureen O’Donnell, former Torrance City Councilwoman), is a loveable and sweet 13 lb. Beagle.  Snoopy’s medical history is unknown (as he was abandoned at a dog park).  He has been diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease.  Snoopy’s future seemed dim; would he ever walk again?  We did not know.

Because of Maureen’s personal experience with a ruptured disc, she was willing to take a chance that a combination of acupuncture and therapy may have beneficial results for Snoopy.  And it did! 

Maureen has been taking Snoopy for weekly acupuncture treatments.   Maureen was also referred to me (Jean Brusavich of Tranquil Pet for swim therapy.  I recommended swimming Snoopy twice a week.  Snoopy is also receiving light massage, along with Reiki Energy Healing. 


Watch Snoopy walking now!


The first few times Snoopy was in my warm water pool, his back legs just hung there.  The next week Snoopy started to move those little legs … a very slight movement, but move they did!  And with each successive swim, Snoopy’s legs get stronger and he is kicking like a champ!  The video on the left was taken after five weeks of swimming. 



We do not know Snoopy's long-term prognosis ... we do know that his injury is permanent and this little boy is likely to have on-going back issues his entire life and may have periodic need for medical care for this disc injury.  We can only work with him in the moment and hope for continued positive progress. 

If you would like to contribute to Snoopy's vet bills, (Maureen, foster mom, is paying for all of Snoopy's care out of her own pocket; I am donating my services), please go here:  GoFundMe.comAny donation is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


Here is some video of Snoopy getting his swimming exercise in my warm water pool. 

If you would like to contribute to Snoopy's acupuncture (vet bills), please donate here:

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You can also contact me directly at 310.370.9241. 
Thank you.