Learn to Massage Your Dog Workshop

Animal Massage, Swim Therapy for Dogs

Massage helps strengthen the special bond you share with your dog, and empowers you to play an important role in your dog's physical and emotional well-being.

Regular massage on your dog helps:

  • strengthens your bond
  • reduce their anxiety
  • detect potential health issues early
  • helps vet visits go more smoothly

Massage is ideal for dogs at every stage of their lives.

Jean Brusavich, CAMT, of TranquilPET will teach you how to give your dog a "relaxation" massage using basic techniques that are safe and effective. This class is hands-on, you bring your dog to class. Your dog must be people/pet friendly. 

Workshop Date:  Thursday, December 10th, 11 am - 1 pm, Zoom Room, Redondo Beach.

After registration, you will receive pre-class reading, which includes instruction on preparing yourself and your dog for massage class. 

 After class, you will receive an e-book with step by step hands on instruction and hand placement pictures that you learned in class.  

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