Featured Pet: Mojito, 8 year old Dachshund

Hydrotherapy for dogs, swim therapy for dogs

Mojito is my 8 year old doxie. Four years ago he suffered a herniated disc in the middle of his back. Sadly, although he had surgery, he lost use of his hind legs and also lost control of his bladder and bowel. As you can imagine, for a young active dog this was a devastating situation.

We tried a cart, but were warned that it could put more pressure on other discs and we opted not to use it. However, as the months went on he began to regain some use of his hind legs. He got a lot of physical therapy with range of motion exercises to keep him supple. He became something called a "spinal or "reflex walker". He still can't feel his legs but he can move them to do a kind of funny walk and a bunny hop run.

Last year we found Jean of TranquilPET. It has been the best thing I could have hoped for. Swimming has given Mojito a chance to really get good hard exercise and play. He didn't love it at first, but Jean was incredibly patient with him. We participated in one session with another swim client, Umi (French Bull Dog), who loves the water.  Mojito really started to enjoy it (thank you Sandy and Umi). We swim twice a week and he is a different dog for it!

Then – yikes - three months ago he herniated another disc. This time it was in his neck. Back to surgery he went. Thanks in large part to his great physical condition, he recovered super quick and was back in the water three weeks later. Initially he just stood in the water and then after that we held him while he moved his legs a bit. Gradually he started swimming again.

It has been a tough road for all of us, but Mojito is a trooper and he has a great swim coach on his side.  Now he back and is as good or better than ever. Watch him swim and see for yourself!