February Pet of the Month: Candy

Candy, a 4 year-old Min Pin, was the winner of January’s drawing.

Candy was adopted from the IMPS Rescue Group.  Candy’s mom tells me that her favorite things are sunbathing, play with dogs at Camp Run-A-Mutt and, after a hard day of playing at Camp Run-A-Mutt, cuddling with Mom at night is the best!

This was Candy’s first time in the pool and I can tell you that she was a pro!  The minute those little paws made contact with the warm (92 degree) water, she started (dog) paddling …. towards Mom at the other end of the pool. 

I’d love to swim Candy in the pool again. 

 Swimming is a great non-weight-bearing exercise for all dogs … especially, our senior, arthritic, overweight, post-surgery pets.  It’s a great overall, conditioning body exercise.  Check out TranquilPET’s website for further information. 

All swim sessions include light massage and stretch while in water (at beginning and end of swim).