January Pet of the Month: Dagen

Dagen "accepting" Animal Reiki (relaxing)

Dagen "accepting" Animal Reiki (relaxing)

Dagen is a very handsome, 130 lb., 4 year old Great Dane … who does not know how to relax.  Dagen is always on the move … and is always looking for reassurance from his pet parents (Mandy & Steve) that he is loved.  Dagen is definitely a gentle giant … kind and loveable … just a bit high-strung.

Not too much is known about Dagen’s  first home or how he was treated.  Dagen was adopted 3 years ago into the loving care of Mandy and Steve, who also have another Great Dane, Pistol (10 years old).  Pistol is as sweet and loving a dog as you would ever want to meet. 

Mandy heard me give a presentation on Reiki for Animals a few months ago, liked what she heard about Reiki (how it is  useful for healing the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues our animal may face.  It is also a wonderful way for your animal to relax and release stress.)  Mandy wondered if Reiki could help Dagen.  (For more info on Reiki, please click here)

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*I first offered Reiki to Dagen a couple of months ago.  Since he does not know “how to relax,” this first Reiki treatment took almost 34 minutes before Dagen finally move into what I like to call the “Reiki space” ….  where indications that an animal is accepting Reiki include yawning, sighing, deep breaths and falling asleep.  Dagen did all of the above.  Pistol, already with a calm and peaceful spirit, for her, Reiki was a welcome delight, and within 5 minutes, she was out. 

I have continued to offer Reiki to Dagen and Pistol regularly and, for the first time, within three minutes of beginning a Reiki session, Dagen went into the “Reiki space” … yawning, relaxed, fell asleep, and started snoring.  (That was definitely a first.) 

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*While Dagen and Pistol are my clients, Mandy continues to “enter my monthly drawing for a free animal massage or Reiki session” ….. and she won! 

(Mandy is a personal trainer, fitness and wellness coach.  Check out her website:  Active Balance)