4th of July Dog Treats: Pupsicles

Pupsicles - July 4.jpg

Don't forget to your dog during this year’s 4th of July celebration.  Check out this cool, summer recipe.


  • 2 cups low salt beef or chicken broth
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 2 or 3 ice cube trays

Optional for popsicle trays:  Chicken Jerky (made in U.S.) or bully sticks.  (I modified this as the recipe calls for using small rawhide sticks.  My personal opinion is that I don't give my dog rawhide because of the potential of swelling in the throat or digestion problems.)


Mix water with beef or chicken broth and pour into ice cube or popsicle trays.  Place in freezer and serve cold.  Add a Chicken Jerky strip or bully stick halfway through the freezing.

This recipe is quick, easy, and fun.  It's probably best to serve this dish outside.