California Coastal Horse Rescue, Ojai, CA

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Last Saturday, I visited the California Coastal Horse Rescue in the Ojai Valley.  Lea Alexander of Animal Heart Strings (Burbank, CA) invited me to spend the day sharing Reiki with the horses.   It was a beautiful day, a beautiful place, and a beautiful time. 

One of the horses, Bailey, is in particular need right now.  Bailey has a lung problem and is having trouble breathing.  When Bailey gets upset or overly excited, his lungs go into a sort of spasm and he coughs, loudly.  One day last week, he had blood coming from his nose.  So, please keep Bailey in your prayers, and for those Reiki practitioners, please send him Reiki.  (Bailey is under a vet’s care, but your love, prayers and Reiki can only help support his recovery.)

California Coastal Horse Rescue founded in 2000, cares for those horses that no one else will care for.  They provide food, shelter, rehabilitation, medical care, and adoption services for horses that have been abused, abandoned or neglected. 

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California Coastal Horse Rescue is comprised solely of volunteers who donate their time to feeding, exercising, grooming, and cleaning stalls as well as facility maintenance, fundraising, public education and special events.  Most importantly, CCHR volunteers provide daily love and attention for all of the horses that have found sanctuary at the rescue.  (To visit their website, )

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