Pet of the Month: May 2013 Winner: Purple


By way of introduction, I was introduced to Karen Thompson, Founder of Shoestring City Ranch* through a friend, Nancy Gardner, Pet Communicator.  I spoke with Karen about Reiki’s healing energy and asked if I could offer Reiki to her rescued horses. (See my blog article on Shoestring City Ranch.)

As the horses at Shoestring City Ranch have never received Reiki before, I have been taking it slow and offering Reiki, not individually, but just sending the Reiki energy out to all the horses (and volunteers) at the Ranch.

Purple 2.jpg

Today, was the first time I offered Reiki to one particular horse, Purple Slurple (“Purple”), a handsome 11 year old Thoroughbred Gelding. 

Purple was bought as a Yearling and trained to race.  Unfortunately, I am told that he was introduced to meds to keep him running … and he did … through injuries …… which caused injuries to his legs.   

When Purple came to Karen, she began training him to work with children.  Unfortunately, his injury resurfaced and Karen, with vet’s advice, has let Purple recuperate for the last nine months.  Purple is now just starting to ride with children – he is very gentle with children.

As I began the treatment, I explained to Purple that I would be offering Reiki, with his permission; that he could take in only what he wanted; there was no pressure on him to take everything I offered.  I stood several feet away from his stall as I didn’t know how he would respond and I didn’t want to overwhelm him with the new sensation of the energy.  Within minutes of beginning, he moved away from me to the back of his stall. 

I continued to offer Purple Reiki, reminding him that he could take in only what he wanted.  After a few minutes, he walked back to me.  He stayed there for another few minutes, then moved to the back of his stall again.  This back and forth motion continued for about 15 minutes.  It was clear to me that he felt something, but was not sure what to do with it or how to handle it. 

After those first 15 minutes, Purple moved up to the front of his stall and just stood there, very still.  I moved in and tried a hands-on position, but he moved away.  I guess he was not ready for that much contact from me.  (No problem, its his choice.)  Purple soon moved back to the front of his stall, and stood there, not moving.  This lasted for the remainder of the treatment (about 15 minutes).  I feel that he finally got into the rhythm of the energy and like it. 

* Shoestring City Ranch Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides free and low cost rural experiences to city kids while teaching teamwork, respect, and leadership skills in an ecologically friendly green-space working with rescued animals. 

Karen offers a “Horse Program Orientation for Newcomers” which is a brief orientation for new visitors to the ranch to see all the animals, learn safety rules and get acquainted with our ranch hands.  For more information about the dates and times for this orientation, go to:  Shoestring Events Calendar