Pet of the Month - March 2013 Winner: Missy


Missy is a spunky Scottish Terrier.  She will be 11 years old this July and still acts like a puppy!  Scotties are very independent, with a stubborn streak.  They tend to love everyone they come in contact with, especially children.  Missy loves water, unlike many terriers.  The first time Missy saw my nephews in their pool, she made a perfect swan dive into the water ….. she loves it.  She even looks forward bath time. 

A quote from her pet parent:  Missy has brought more joy to my life than imaginable every second that she has been with me.  I hope to have her around for a long, long time.

My time with Missy:  I decided to give Missy a relaxation massage.  Although, I have to admit, Missy was definitely more interested in playing with me, than receiving a relaxing massage.  This is very normal for the first time.  The pet does not really know me, my touch, what a real massage feels like.  (A massage is different from “petting.”  Not to say petting your animal companion is not a good thing, but a massage is much different.) 


So, I spent a little time playing with Missy, letting her get to know me.  After awhile, Missy settled down and I started the massage with her ears.  Animals usually like their ears massaged.  Its extremely relaxing to them.  I then moved down her neck to her shoulders, massaging down each leg, to her paws and digits.  Missy didn’t really care for her paws being touched.  (Sometimes you run across an area where the animal does not like to be touched.  When that happens, I always move back to a place I see that they really enjoyed … and, in Missy’s case, it was her ears.

I massaged her ears and moved down her spine to her hind legs, being careful as I moved down each leg to her paws and digits.  And, again, “don’t touch me there,” I ended the massage by stretching out her tail.  Missy seemed to love it.