Pet of the Month: August 2013 Winner: Sedona

Sedona, a beautiful, sweet and unhealthy 22 year old Quarter horse mare, was recently acquired by Karen Thompson of Shoestring City Ranch. 

A little about Sedona’s history:  she was left out in the pasture for majority of her life; at some point was sold to a family, then after a time, sold to another family where they did not keep a regular hoof-trimming schedule. 

Sedona 3.jpg

Sedona’s hoof trimmings were left neglected too long, and combined with improper nutrition, have left her with hoof and leg problems.  Shoestring is in process of bringing her back to good health by addressing her nutritional needs and hoof-trimmings. 

Karen informed me that regular hoof trimming (every 6-8 weeks) is extremely important for horses kept in stalls.  There are 40 bones in a horse’s leg and when a horse’s hoofs are not trimmed regularly, the bones in the leg shift, and sometimes the bones can pop out of their skin.  This can become very painful for a horse.  (It would be like us running a marathon on our tip toes.)

Sedona 2.jpg

A horse cannot stand without proper care of their hoofs.  If they can’t stand, they can’t walk.  If they can’t walk, they get colic and could die.

If you want to visit Sedona, please do, but you need to make a reservation first.  Call Shoestring at 562-818-7930 or email Karen at  Karen offers a  brief orientation for new visitors to the ranch to see all the animals, learn safety rules and get acquainted with our ranch hands.

Shoestring City Horse Ranch is located off 710 Freeway and 105 Freeway near Hollydale Park.

Shoestring always needs carrots, alfalfa, hay and food to help care for their horses.  If you would like to help out, contact Karen.  Every dollar makes a difference.  A bag of carrots is $10; a bale of hay costs between $15-$20.

For more information on the importance of proper hoof care, visit: