Sweet Potato Dog Treats


Since it's one of the sweetest of all the vegetables, just like the name implies, you'll have no trouble getting your dog to try this dog treat recipe.

Making your own all natural dog treat is an excellent alternative to rawhide.

Ingredients:   Large Sweet Potatoes,     washed & dried.  (Number of potatoes you use depends on how many treats you want to make.  Since I have a large dog, I prepare 10 sweet potatoes.  When done, I separate into freezer bags.  10 sweet potatoes usually last me about a month.)

Instructions: *

  1. Preheat oven to 250° F
  2. Line a baking sheet with     parchment paper.
  3. Cut off one side of the     sweet potato lengthwise, as close to the edge as possible. Cutting the     side of the potato first allows you to then turn the potato onto this flat     surface that you have just created.  Having a stable area to rest the potato     will make it easier to cut the potato into slices.  Don't discard that first piece, it comes     out just as yummy as the rest!
  4. Cut the rest of the     potato into 1/3" slices, no smaller than 1/4".
  5. Place them on the     prepared baking sheet.
  6. Bake for 3 hours,     turning half way through.
  7. Cool completely on a     wire rack.

*If prefer using your food dehydrator, first peel and cook the sweet potato, then slice and place in dehydrator for 16-24 hours.  (for degree of chewiness, see Tips & Techniques below)

Storing - Although these treats are dried, you will want to keep them in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. You can freeze them for up to 4 months.

Tips & Techniques

  • Choosing a Sweet Potato     - You     want to find a potato that is as uniform in shape as possible. This will     aid in the drying process as the pieces will be similar in shape and will     cook through at the same time. Also, try to find one that has fewer     blemishes or bruises. While you're picking one to make a sweet potato dog     chew, go ahead and pick some for the family, too!
  • Knife Skills - If you are a pro with a     knife, you may not need to cut off one side to stable your potato. If     that's the case, then by all means skip that step. However, for those of     us who are more handy with a pastry bag, than a knife, having a stable     surface makes all the difference.
  • Cutting Even Pieces - One way to ensure your     pieces are as even as possible, is to first rest your knife where you     would like to cut. Then press down gently across the entire length of the     knife. Make a slight cut, then press firmly on your knife from one end to     the other, and cut all the way through.
  • Degree of Chewiness - Baking for 3 hours     results in a soft, but chewy dog treat. If your dog prefers more of a crunch,     then bake for an additional 20-30 minutes. When you take the sweet     potatoes out of the oven, they may at first appear to be too soft. Let     them cool completely on a wire rack before you decide whether or not to     bake them longer. This is because they will continue to dry or harden     while cooling.
  • Parental Supervision - This is not a dog treat     recipe that we recommend for the kids. Please use caution while using a     sharp knife, whether you are young or young at heart.

Whether your dog has a need to chew or not, the/she will love this all natural sweet potato dog chew. In fact, it's such an easy dog treat recipe, I bet you'll be making several batches at a time for your dog and all of their all natural dog treat loving friends!

Taken from Dog Treat Kitchen.com