Acupressure can provide great benefits for dogs*

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing art that has been practiced for over 3,000 years.  Based on the same principles of acupuncture, acupressure is the application of pressure on certain points of the body.  In a gentle and non-invasive way, this pressure balances and releases the flow of blocked energy, enhancing health and mental stability.

When most people think about acupressure they tend to think only about the benefits it can have for people.  However, acupressure can also provide great benefits for dogs and other pets.  Dogs, for example, love to be touched, petted and massaged, and they respond very well to this type of therapy.  Used alone or in conjunction with alternative remedies, acupressure may result in significant improvement in your pet's health.

Acupressure helps to improve the quality of life in elderly dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, as well as every day aches and pains.  At the same time, it can calm a new puppy and help ease the transition period when the puppy is brought into a new home.

The Benefits of Canine Acupressure
Although commonly used to relieve pain and discomfort, acupressure has many more benefits which include:

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Strengthens muscles, tendons, joints, and bones
  • Relieves inflammation and swelling
  • Relieves pain
  • Increases circulation
  • Removes toxins
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Helps with behavioral issues
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases strength and promotes tissue healing

The key is Jean makes acupressure sessions an enjoyable activity for your pet.  Many pets look forward to acupressure, while experiencing improvement in health.  Many pets are so relaxed during acupressure, I have had many pets fall asleep throughout their session.

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*Because Jean is currently on track to become a Small Animal Acupressure Certified Practitioner with Tallgrass Acupressure Institute, acupressure sessions at this time are free if you volunteer your pet companion for Jean’s case studies.  If you are interested, please contact Jean at 310-370-9241 or email to discuss.   All acupressure sessions must be cleared with your veterinarian first.